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Default Re: Question - tippet material

Originally Posted by cimages11 View Post
I am planning a trip to the Florida Keys this comming May. I will be using a 9wt., rod with a Feather Craft furled leader. Was planning on using a florocarbon tippet. My question is, can any florocarbon line be used as a tippet, such as Berkley Vanish or any other line. What is the difference between that and a tippet material from say Orvis or any other fly fishing terminal tackle manufacture.
Depends on what and where you are fishing...conventional wisdom as told to me my my guides in ....fluro if you want a faster sink for deeper flats ...however, the reason for hard mono leader and tippet material is better turnover of larger flies in the wind....
IMO if 12, 16 or 20 Vanish is as stiff as RIO et al fluro...would not make any difference. I use a RIO saltwater leader then add tippet in my 8, 9, or 10 wts when changing flies reduces the length...use the stiffest and heaviest tippet that will catch fish...assuming no records...cause you have got to get the fly to the fish and soft and light material which won't turnover or gets blown back or left or right won't get it if you are going with a guide... they have their way and it's best to let them rig it their way with their fly...I use RIO taper leaders and RIO hard saltwater and Gamma Frog Hair or Deep Blue. I always check the material's diameter...and I'll use the heaviest of relatively equal diameter e.g. RIO Hard Saltwater in 8 kg.IGFA is .19 in and it's alot stiffer than fluro so instead of 8 kg fluro at .13 in I'll use 10 kg Gamma Frog hair at .15 in but in most situations with heavier flies in the keys I'll use the RIO Hard at 8 or 6 kg...and loop knot the fly.
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