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Default Re: Help...hooking own line all of a sudden

I get the tailing loop blues when I'm trying to double haul a large sopping wet egg sucking leach into a gale force wind. Unlike most folks I fish the east side of Pyramid Lake. That means the prevailing west wind is in my face. When it really starts blowing it's hard work to get out in the lake very far. With the lake all choppy and waves splashing up on my chest and knocking me off balance, it's easy to get out of time with my casting stroke.
I know, there comes a time to call it quits. But it's no fun sitting in the truck either and the wind doesn't seem to bother the fish that much.......IF, I can just get that big ass heavy "fly" out there another 20 feet!

Don't feel too bad if all you snag is your line or leader. I have double hauled that big leach right into my rod tip before under the above conditions.
As a matter of fact, the wind once fouled my cast so badly that the fly swung around and hit me in the face. I knew what was going to happen so because this was one of the very few times I wasn't wearing glasses, I closed my eyes and braced myself for a big hit to the head. Bad on me for not wearing glasses, but good I closed my eyes because the hook caught in my eyelid. Fortunatly, it just barely pricked the skin and I just reached up and carefully removed it from my eyelid.

Just thought I'd pass along that goofy story on myself..............
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