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Default Re: Alaska/Anchorage August 8-24, 2008 -where and what to fish

Hello Dogger,

The daily limit is how many you take out of the water and kill, in possession means how many you have total that are "unpreserved," so once you process them they are out of possession. As long as you take them home and process them every night you should be fine. Freezing, canning, smoking, heavy salting & drying; pretty much anything that will keep them edible for longer than 15 days counts as long as it's not a cooler with ice.

I know in Cordova the local canneries are normally willing to take care of your fish for you, not sure about Anchorage but I'm sure there must be somewhere up there that will do the same.

I've heard many of the small lakes around Anchorage and in the valley contain trout & pike, I've never fished them though so I can't give you any advice on which ones. There is a good book called "Flyfishing Alaska" by Anthony Route that I think mentions some good places to try if memory serves . . .

Hope that helps some!

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