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Default Re: Question - tippet material

Originally Posted by cimages11 View Post
I am planning a trip to the Florida Keys this comming May. I will be using a 9wt., rod with a Feather Craft furled leader. Was planning on using a florocarbon tippet. My question is, can any florocarbon line be used as a tippet, such as Berkley Vanish or any other line. What is the difference between that and a tippet material from say Orvis or any other fly fishing terminal tackle manufacture.

you can use fluoro but for most of the fishing you will be doing down in the keys use a leader specificaly designed for the fish you will be fishing for. I use the Rio saltwater leaders, they offer leaders for snook, redfish, bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Rio also offers these leaders with shock tippets in the 20-25 lb class for smaller flats species and 80+ for the ir tarpon leaders. you might want to look into getting a few different "styles" for your trip. I would suggest 2 bonefish or permit and 2 redfish or snook leaders. if you are looking to get into some tarpon action your 9wt will do ok for juvies (20-30lbs), i would suggest using the snook leader and replacing the shock tippet with 40lb tippet material. If you are going for bones, use the bonefish leader and replace the shock tippet with 15-20lb fluoro as it does sink slightly faster and is more abrasion resistant if you are fishing areas that have alot of rocks. If you are fishing grassflats then you wont need to do anything but tie on the fly and cast.

Hope this helps
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