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Default Re: Alaska in early July

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post

The Situk is out of the Yakutat and that requires fly in to the area. Most people I know who have went down there leave from Cordova. You can get to Cordova by aircraft or a ferry out of Portage AK. I have not been there but hear many good reports of the fishing there.

As everyone has said before me, knowing where you may be at here and what the budget for fishing will be is the only way I could give you any pointers.

Getting there is actually exceptionally easy as you can fly direct to Yakutat on Alaska Airlines from Anchorage or Seattle direct, the local fly shop, oddly enough called the Situk River Fly Shop is in a hangar around to the right of the tarmac on the N/E side from the Alaska Airlines terminal and the road to the river not far from that. Easy trip, just kind of popular these days if you know what I mean.


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