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Lightbulb Re: Favorite Winter Fly Swap

yah you will. i knew i was getting somewhere when i counted out a few dozen flies after tying one whole winter.

when i get on a roll i tie until i finally tell myself , save a few for tomorrow.
that's enjoyment

tying the woolly worm is a perfect fly to practice on, and an excellent fish catcher too. someone already said so

i gotta try and stay away from woolly worms, i'm am woolly worm addict

i know a fella who drives into town everyday including Sunday
to a coffee shop

ties a handful of Russian River no. 2's

he has a kit bag of vises, Regal's, Dyna-Kings, HMH's, and a lone Thompson "ULTRA" he rotates his vises but mostly ties Russian Rivers

the coffee shop owners love it, adds some atmosphere to the place and many of the kids who come with their parents are fascinated with his personality and tying skills.

he always offers a fly to the youngsters and the grownups alike.
he has a really good day when a kid comes over to his table

the waitress's decorated the stores Christmas tree with his Russian River flies.

he knows as well as i, he is getting excellent chops tying everyday.

he found a Dyna-King Kingfisher in a thrift store the other day, brand new , for $50.00, sent it to me , said "it is good karma"

good karma creates good karma

i hope this helps

all good


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