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Default Re: The Finest Reels you can Ill Afford NOT to buy

They are from China - I found the mfr after some searching. But still very well made.

Performance wise - I took mine down to the San Juan last weekend to give it a workout. And the trout cooperated. If you haven't fished this river, it may be hard to appreciate the size and power these fish can deliver.

In 2 days I hooked about 20, landed about 14 - many of which were 20"+ And the reel performed GREAT. In fact the first fish (once it realized it was actually hooked) ran me about 70 yards across the river and spit the hook. The reel was smooth and the drag was easy to adjust (during the brief fight). Also, it was very smooth stripping line off for casting.

The slient winding takes a bit to get used to, but this reel is certainly worth >>> $50.

My only gripe would be the capacity, b/c w/ a decent amount of backing - the line can get one sided as you're reeling in a fish (not looking @ the reel as you're trying to keep the fish out of the fast water) and 'bundle up'. Easy to fix, and my fault - not paying attention.
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