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Default looking for line recommendations

Hi everyone,

I have some questions about fly lines. I need to replace my 1 wt., 4 wt. and 6wt. lines this year and need some help. My 1 wt. rod is an Orvis Silver Label 8' medium action rod. I use it mainly for panfish. I have heard that it is more of a 2 wt. than a true 1 wt. I have had trouble casting the rod with a 1 wt. line. I have tried a 3 wt. Rio Grand line on this rod and it loads and casts like a dream. So it seems that a heavier line is the ticket. However, I would like to go only one wt. over and need some help selecting an appropriate 2 wt. line. I will cast primarily dries, nymphs and some small poppers and I am wondering what line to choose. A DT, WF? Any advice would be great.

My 4 wt. (9' mod. fast redington rs2) is used for panfish as well, but I do use it for small bass and carp. I though dries, nymphs, small streamers and bass bugs with this rod sizes 10#-16's for the dries and nymphs and #8-10 for bass bugs, poppers. I don't know what line is on the rod now I bought it set up with the line included and the guy at the shop didn't know what the line was.

My 6 wt. (9' med 7 Orvis Power Matrix) is used for large bass and carp. I through larger bass bugs 1#-10, nypmphs 10#-12's, etc. and streamers 1/0#-and smaller. The line on it now is a SA Headstart.

Any recommendations on lines would be appreciated.
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