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Default Re: Landon Mayers Pets

Thanks guys.. I fished it a few day before at the elevated rate of 149cfs todays # was around 61cfs and it was Gin clear as it always is in the winter.
Much colder than my last outing too. High temps today would be around 36 deg. Coming at noon,I still battled ice in the guides all day.I kind of had an unfair advantage today I knew exactly what the fish were eating, There was no discovery period as most cases on the water. I tossed a Red Rojo a Zebra midge and a third fly I created out of Gliss Gloss, green dubbed thorax with Olive thread and a black bead head on a #20 TMC 200R all below a strike indicator positioned about 2x the depth of the run. Which was a bout 50 yards long located be hind a nice line of rip rap that tumbled into a fairly deep pool.My 1st cast was crushed absolutely destroyed.
I don't know if any of you know who Landon Mayer is.He's a local guide that catches nothing but pigs and this is his beat. I think the Kid has caught these fish a thousand times. He's such a nice guy I have met him several times and he appears to remember me each time. Nice guy! Any way I fish the Dream a lot now a days as my home water was destroyed some time back by the Haymen fire,and the subsequent flooding and runoff problems associated with forest fires. So each outing I discover new stretches of water new holding lies and just Giant fish. I walked about a mile of the river and found just a Swine of a brown darting in and out of a boulder field. I will get back to him in a few days..hopefully.. Thanks again for the kind words, this Forum is a class act. I moderated out the vulgar name I called Yat..He had a bad day and I was just trying to get a rise out of him..I like kicking a man when he's down makes him tougher..LOL Just kidding
Tight lines all.
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