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Default Re: St Croix's Legend Ultra

I have used the "old" model 9 ft. 5 wt. for several years now and can say I cannot imagine a better casting rod. It casts best with a Rio selective trout double taper 5 wt. and I have used this combination for the smallest nymphs all the way up to #2 saltwater streamers without any trouble whatsover. Furthermore it is light which makes a big difference for me since I have back problems. I have also used Rio 5.5 and 6.5 Rio Grande lines with the rod as well as SA 5 and 6 wt. wf lines - even have cast 8 wt wf line on it with no trouble but that's pushing it as far as rod breakage I fear. I have, however, now given my 8 wt. used for Florida largemouth, seatrout and redfish to my son. I have caught Kamloops rainbows up to 10 lbs. and Florida copperhead bluegills over 2 lbs. with it.
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