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Default Re: sharkskin magnum, pike/muskie or bass bug?

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
I've used the Magnum Sharkskin and liked its function quite well, but needing finger protection gets kinda old.

I need to replace my 9wt pretty soon, and unless I can find a deal on something else that suits me, I'll likely get the MT in either the Magnum or Saltwater taper.

MT has only been out a few months, so you're not likely to find many folks who have used it.

A South Texan buying a Musky line would make no sense at all, as they're formulated for cold water.
did not realize this, thankyou. i guess that rules that one out for me.

some ppl on another forum said they didn't like the SS because its hell on your hands and also you need to clean it much more often than you do normal line because algae and stuff can grow in the tiny "scales" on the line. is this true? does the MT line have this problem as well?
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