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Default Re: Flytying tips and techniques.......

ALong the same lines of storage, I had a Bonnard plastic box with about 20 compartments that i had for hook storage---the lid fit tightly so the sizes would not mix. I thought i found the perfect organizer.


One day i left the lid overhang the table and when my elbow hit it, flipped it off the table and throwing 1500 hooks to the floor in about a 5 ' circle. I spent 2 days picking up and separating hooks from size 28 to 4.


I got a business card organizer that had pages of vinyl pockets (about 40) to slide 2x3 business cards into---I found some 2x3" 4 mil ziplock bags ( with a writable window on them and put a small piece of of index card in them to make them stiffer to slide the bags into the slots. I usually cut a part of the box to further identify the contents. Now my "accident exposure" is one bag of 100 hooks and chances are that they wont fly out of the bag if dropped.
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