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Default Re: Unintentional curve casts with shooting heads

Originally Posted by BigCliff
Doug, I was using that rod for all this because I have the shooting line on my Colorado 2 reel to be used mostly for the nymphing techniques advocated by Joe Humphreys, where the weight of the shot provides the projectile weight. This is the heaviest rod I've got until I reach my nine wts. I have an old 6wt dt aircell, but I think it would need 40' of it to load this rod. It really does take about 45' of wf5f to load it. I guess I could cut the front taper off of it to make it heavier per its length.

I wasn't releasing any line until the final forward cast, as the backcast would drop or overload the rod too greatly.

I need to get a 7wt I guess, oh well, add it to the list.
Cliff ... The 6-weight DT you have should work. Don't cut the taper off! Instead, cut the air cell exactly in two. Take one of the pieces outside with the rod and with the line running through the guides, but not on a reel, lift it into the backcast, shoot some line to the rear, come forward into the forward cast and at the moment of maximum acceleration, shoot the line using ten o'clock as the point of aim. When you shoot forward, totally release the line. Assuming the old air cell is/was the original 82-feet, I'll bet the 41-foot head will come close to clearing the guides...

During this test, promise me two things: (1) don't use a leader, and (2) watch the backcast as you shoot line to the rear -- up and out. If this works, we can proceed to rig the shooter.

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