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Default Re: sharkskin magnum, pike/muskie or bass bug?

cortland precision big fly-bass (2 taper design)
front taper-6'
back taper-28'

cortland precision big fly-pike (2 taper design)
front taper-3'
back taper-31'

scientific angler sharkskin or mastery textured magnum (2 taper design)
front taper-5'
belly 1-15'
belly 2-14'
rear taper-7'

scientific angler mastery bass bug
front taper-5.5'
rear taper-10'

scientific angler master pike/muskie
front taper-4.5
rear taper-3.5

gathered some info on a few lines. the more i look at different fly lines for bass or pike/muskie, the more i read things like "short front taper allows you to turn over big flies with ease". is there a point where the front taper on a line designed to turn over big bugs could be too short? does this short front taper make a line less accurate or anything? does it inhibit casting distance at all?

cortlands bass line has a double taper design kinda like SA's SS and MT lines. i dont know anything about cortland lines though, never casted any of them. what do yall think about them?
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