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Default Re: Washington Fly Fishing

Originally Posted by MBWCC View Post
I found myself in Seattle last August at a convention. One day at lunch I discovered that I had free time between 1 PM and 7 PM. I found Patrick's Fly Shop ( Patrick's Fly Shop - Fly Casting 201 ) in the phonebook and discovered that the shop was only a few blocks from the convention center. The gentleman at the shop was kind enough to help me purchase a Washington State non-resident license on-line using the shop's PC and also allowed me to use the shop's printer to print the license (the shop is not a fishing license dealer). He then gave me advice regarding a very nice fly fishing river I could reach in ~30 minutes driving time from the convention center, which flies would work on that river, and even gave me detailed instructions regarding where I should fish the river and where in the river I would find fish. I followed his instructions and my first & second casts took hits I was too shocked to hook, but my third cast hooked an 18" wild rainbow; the rest of the day was pretty much within the same theme.

If you can, visit Patrick's Fly Shop when you are in Seattle--I'll let the shop give you the river's name and location.
could I ask, what direction did you go, north or south of Seattle?

I just called Patrick's shop, got a couple suggestions, thanks for the pointers!
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