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Default Re: Fish - Smart / Notsmart?

Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
"Conditioned" implies no free will, and I can take you to a fish that will try for a stump he loves, before you know he's on.
Another fish (shamu) goes straight to the bottom and straight back out, for as many times as it takes, for you to go away.
More than few have a "trick list". A client got to see me with a big brown, who went through all... of his tricks, and I stayed right with him.
Then he decided to climb/crawl over a beaver dam. We stood there with our jaws quite relaxed. Seemed like a smart basterd to me.
Thought you guys would understand.....
I thought about this for a little bit and this is what I came up with. Maybe fish have "routines". For example, if you hook a fish in it's favorite particular stomping ground, he always goes for the same boulder and breaks you off. Maybe fish have a "safe place" that they run to whenever they sense danger. Danger being birds of prey swooping down on fish, other land dwelling predators, and getting a hook upside the head. If anything upsets them, they go to the "safe place." Perhaps there are other "routines" fish have that if we are mindful, know how to adjust our fishing for them. Maybe fish aren't smart or not smart, we just get to be smarter than them
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