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Default Re: Montana Stream Access Law - HB 309 - Help!!

Originally Posted by mojo View Post
Here's what the new Utah law says.

Utah Stream Access | Utah Fly Fishing Club

Sadly it was the fly fishers, kayakers and some others that tried to fight the original fight. It wasn't until the new bill was passed and signed that the bait chuckers sat up and took notice. Fishing in Utah is so fragmented and divided unlike the hunter scene, and I think it's due a lot to a certain fishing forum that will remain nameless.
The Utah Stream Coalition has the lawsuit going

Montanan's should band together before the you-know-what hits the fan. Colorado's not far behind in loosing access too.
Amazing... it seemed only recently that I heard Utah had made rulings allowing stream access much like Montana.

Worth noting is that there is a Montana based non-profit organization that has been fighting to uphold stream access and public road right-of-way laws. I have been a member for the past 5 years and they do alot of good work on behalf of us all who enjoy Montana's rivers.

PLWA - Public Land / Water Access Association, Inc - History

I'm not sure how long The "Utah Stream Access Coalition" has been in operation, but I plan to join and donate to them as well.

I don't fish Utah all too often anymore, but just had a neice get married in the SLC area -- who knows, Uncle Bill may be stopping through when retired and I'd sure like to try my hand at the Weber and Provo w/o getting shooed off by some elitist prick who thinks the worlds natural wonders belong to him

It takes only 5-10 minutes to draft a quick letter stating your position on upholding public stream access law and e-mailing to the list of MT State Senators... we can make a difference on the outcome both in MT and other states!

Please Help!

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