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Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing - Free Hooks Give away

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Well if Justin is down to the V's I must be getting close.

I think I will take this opportunity to say somethings about Allen Fly Fishing. They are a sponsor but my comments have nothing to do with that.

Allen Fly Fishing is a young business and offers high quality products at exceptional prices. He goes out of his way to make customers happy and I have never heard a negative comment about his service or products. I have read where a customers did have some kind of problem and was more than satisfied with how Justin resolved the issue. This free hook offer is just one of the many things Justing has done for us here on NAFFF.

We are very lucky to have Allen Fly Fishing as a sponsor and we should all support him any way we can. Every one of his products that I have seen are exactly as advertised or better. I have not seen his hooks but if Jimmy thinks they are superb, that is good enough for me. Just another great product at a great price.

Well stated Frank, good timing and very appropriate. It has been over 20 years since I bought a new fly rod for my own use ( have found what I needed used on ebay) or built them. However, I am convinced Justin is on to something with his Nano Ti and am awaiting the arrival of the 5wt I ordered. The Allen reels are as good as any of the others I have owned, am confident the rod will be as successful. Don't know where the blanks are rolled but he is having them wrapped in WA, keeping that part of the project in the USA. Was especially gratified to learn his flies are being tied by disabled US Veterans. Justin gets it.

On another thread you said, "This is America, buy what makes you happy and go fishing. It makes no difference what other people think." You get it too.
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