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Default Re: Fish - Smart / Notsmart?

Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
6. There is a stretch of water I know that holds a big brown. I have managed to land him.
But it took 3 tries. First two tries he got away, but I saw his game plan. Third try he went to his normal trick routine (heavy current run-then to snag). But I can learn too.
This is exactly why I say fish are "NOT SMART." Because we have the ability to be smarter than them (which doesn't necessarily mean that fish aren't smart). Fish are smart in the sense that they can learn and adapt, but if we are smart fishermen then we too can adapt and land fish. It takes being one step ahead of the fish. For some anglers, there is something about calling fish NOT SMART that can diminish our favorite hobby, but I don't see it that way. I love fly fishing, especially for trout in rivers. I have the utmost love and respect for just about every aspect of this great thing called fly fishing! Can I get an amen?!
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