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Default Re: SEA RUN BROOK TROUT (Anadromous)

Originally Posted by Fisherik View Post
Hey there,
Nice Fish! I was wondering what the licensing regulations were for fishing in quebec. I live in Vermont and have looked into fishing in the Gaspe region but it seems that you need to enter a lottery that is held in nov. to receive a license. Are there ways around that? Which fisheries do you recommend?

The only spots in Quebec for sea run brook trout is the North Shore of the saint laurence from Tadusac all the way east as the road will take you, lots of public water no draws, no rotations, no crowds, no tourist traps and of course lots of sea run trout waters with some rivers 4000 strong. Atlantic salmon are also present in those rivers.

In gaspe things are different lots of water also but the sea run fishing is not as important it more Atlantic salmon based with draws and in some rivers you are assigned one pool for the day if there is no fish your stuck with that pool. Alot more tourist in Gaspe. Dont get me wrong Gaspe is a great location for salmonbut if your looking for pristine wild rivers the nortyh shore is for you.

You simply need a non resident angling license and of you go, No guides required.

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