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Default A switch outfit for trout?

I`ve been really think`in hard about getting a switch rod setup for fishing the Bighorn and Wind River Canyon for BIG trout. Seems to make al lot of sense if I could learn to spey cast and get were I need to w/ no room for a back cast...The water moves from 750-7500cfs with an average of 1400cfs. Right now I use a 9' 6wt Scott and that works well but I just cant get them bigger bugs were I need`em all the time. I`ve looked at the other threads on switch rods and that info was helpfull. I plan on getting a combo in 2 weeks and I`m look`in hard at the Echo or the TFO. Thing is, I dont think I need a reel that frig`in big. Both rods are a little heavier than I`de like and w/ that reel it`s over 1lb. Guess thats the price to pay. Any suggestions? I know that learning to spey cast on a swich rod might be a crutch but it would be good when the fish start rise`in, also, walking though big boulders and heavy brush a 10'10" rod makes sense. How about an Echo 7wt combo w/ the Rio switch line and a #4 Ross instead of a #5, think it`de work?
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