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Default Re: A switch outfit for trout?

Well, heres where I stand. I need a rod that can get a 26+ very PO`ed bow to the bank in 7500cfs water but still fun to get the "schoolies" and fish lower water. I dont use streammers over a #2 and normally just through a #6 bugger. I`ll nymph if they dont chase my streammers but thats not often...almost all of the fish I get are over 18". The big questions I got are what line do I need, I will be learning how to spey cast with. What wt, it can start blow`in good in the canyon and I may need to cast in 20+ winds. Reel, the combo I`m looking at comes with a Ross CLA 5, I`ve had fish take over half my backing when the waters move`in (did`nt land them), I guess spey line is more bulky than normall line. Think I could use a #4 and be safe or is the #5 for me? The rod, would I be hurting my self learning with a 11' rod. I wonder if I should just start with a spey rod and go from there? How well do they work for dries? Thanks for all the advice!
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