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Default Re: Fish - Smart / Notsmart?

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
I had a smaller one once that after being fought a good 30' came off, did a U turn and nailed the fly as fast as it could turn around. I've had big ones follow flies and not hit them at all. I think that might have more to do with as they get larger, they don't grow as fast and don't need to eat as often. But Pike are one of those types of fish that are compelled to look, hungry or not. I've seen some big ones do some pretty stupid stuff. I kinda have the big pike thing wired. I have caught so many over 40" it's rediculous. I'll bet you can get that big one. Keep trying different things.
Yeah I have seen the same thing with some of them literally doing a u-turn and hitting the same fly again. The only other time I have seen that is with stocked juvenile rainbows. Not even grayling will turn around that quick. I have caught the same one within 5 minutes but on a different egg pattern.

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Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
Nerka, I'n certainly not a pike master (I've only caught 5, largest a mere 28".). But, that pike sounds like a good summer lab project.
Catching it would confer a masters in FFishing to the angler who lands her.
This is the kind of fishing I've grown to love, the "impossible" fish. (Another very good reason to C&R.)
In my experience, she is catch-able, you just need to figure out what is tipping her off. If, as humans, we really are "smarter" than a fish (Doubtful in many cases.).
Sounds like it's not the flies you've been using. Maybe not the leader either.
Have you tried a float tube? Often, stuff swimming directly to shore is the turn off. Learned this fishing for large mouth off the dam.
You have to ask yourself, would anything else swim that way?
Fly offering must act like food acts..I spend a lot of time watching food forms.
I've got my own lab projects this summer, otherwise.......
Please keep us posted.

Especially in CA, I can understand the need and ultimately desire for catch and release for conservation. Thankfully we dont have those issues here and pike are rarely released by friends and I. This is two fold...they decimate juvenile salmon and they are good eating. If they werent so damn delicious I would throw them back. But pan fried or salted and lightly smoked, makes most of them doomed for the dinner table.

I venture a guess one of us will catch her eventually. Dan makes a good point of probably following the fly out of instinct even though it might not actually be hungry. We fly into the location and fish from pontoons and the shore. Although I have a picture somewhere where we are trolling off the back of a cessna 206 on floats.
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