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Default Re: Midge Presentation

Great info, just when you think you have tried everything you learn something new. I have never fished in still water with midges and now look forward to a new frontier. This forum is a great resource for knowledge. Thanks for all the input.

[QUOTE]OK. You may do this already, but I worked hard for this synthesis.
Combine the "Budda's Palm alert" technique, with a disciplined strip-set, rather than rod set.
I patiently observe the line lying in my strip hand, it moves, and my hand closes lightly and pulls. The final key!
I say lightly because you might have to quickly let line go!
Rod tip down, see if you can keep the rod tip in the water, don't lift, you must resist the urge to lift!!!!!
Straight-line, slow-pull-tight till you sense their resistance. Then strip set harder. I only lift my rod well after they are on.
Three things happen, if you can do this my fellow midge fishers.
1. You hook more fish/miss less. Often avoiding small-fly in a big-mouth syndrome.
2. You don't over-set. Not setting too hard on a surprise big fish, breaking off.
A size appropriate set, because you can feel how big it is first. (Lil head shaker, or annoyed submarine leaving at high speed)
3. Should you miss a take (it happens), you've left your fly (midge) in the area (8-10""strip-set), not pulled nine ft. away.(rod set.)
They will often circle back musing, "how did I miss that?" Think bug sharks.

Do you employ this mostly in still water from a float tube or boat? Or do you use a strip set technique more often then just lifting your rod in fast water as well?
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