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Default Re: Midge Presentation

Honestly, it's a common streamer technique that I made myself learn.
"Don't lift the damn tip stupid" Every time I rod set like a big dog, and broke the fish of the week/month/year/life, off. Or pulled my streamer away and spooked the only interested fish I've seen all day by rod setting!!!! When, if I had done a full body shudder, kept the rod tip in the water and left the fly there, done a sexy twitch strip, he would have eaten it for sure!!
I utilize the now ingrained habit elsewhere. (Midging).
Wading, tubing. boating, whatever. Moving water is a little different during parts of the drift, but when my fly is up stream of me, or mostly down stream of me, it is the perfect place to strip set. The middle portion of the drift is high sticked, with a down-stream sweep with the rod if I get the love.
The thing is, this might not come easily. Most fishermen rod set, and always have, and probably always will, because of that fact.
Unlearning a conditioned response is harder than learning the response in the first place. You have to want it more. Practice it until you do it while dream fishing at night in bed.
Had a friend who wanted a fish, got blanked a whole season of tries. Rod set every bloody time, after many misses, cajoling, tongue lashing etc, he would still rod set.
New season, before he got in the boat , I had him say strip set a dozen times. "What are we gonna do? strip set", show me! At the same time he made the motion with his hands, holding the rod/line. First fish take of the year, STRIP SET!!! Fish on baby!!
I still lift once in a while without thinking, 35 yrs of HABIT might take a while to extinguish.
The point is for me, when I apply my honed fish-ninja skills, show discipline, and stay awake. My fish stats go way up.
It's about good process, and the result is more fish, bigger fish, more often, fewer mistakes.
Levity is good, we can get too serious, but don't be fooled.
I am as serious as a heart attack on honing the skills.
I am a full time fishing, seal team leader. Air land or sea 24/7
Bring it on Mr fish.
I crack myself up. But it's true.
What was the original question?
Seriously again, I'm not against a rod set. I still use it on a few occasions. When moving a bunch of line slack off the water (a far drift), a 9ft rod lift does far better, than a strip set could. How long is your arm? That's the max strip set length. So strip range is a 1-5" midge-swim-distance" twitch out to say three feet plus as a swimming fry.. Anything over that, rod lift.
Dry fly fishing I do lift about 50% of the time. The rest I strip. If your rod tip is down, line is straight-out, flat on the water and nearly no slack to the fly. When the fish eats said fly, you can strip set in a fraction of a second, gunfighter style (Squint eyes and all).
A rod set is slow by comparison. (of course too fast is another topic.)
Mainly just try to make your body more aware. Make it learn a new discipline. Engage manual override. It's hilarious at first, you'll struggle mightily to keep the rod tip down, "quivers" may be a short term symptom, You'll do 1/2 & 1/2s, a little lift/ will miss fish. Then, like my buddy, one day the fish will reinforce the new behavior, and bingo you've got it.
it may take this whole season and more of next's too. But you will have taken the game to another level. At that level is a another level of fish to test your game.
And so it goes....


Coy, you're on it. If there is always something new , then there is a never-ending adventure and exploration ahead. And nobody can learn/know it all.
so, like I said before, we all need help.
BD2421, 2mm beads, oh yeah!
I've thought about writing a novel entitled "Bead confessions" Binge behavior at the bead store. Every town has one it seems, and I must look....
Sorry for running on...
Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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