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Default Re: Heading to Cape Breton this July

Originally Posted by pierce652 View Post
Wow..this is a blast from the past. Yes I did get to CB that summer and got to fish Middle River. Unfortunatey it poured rain for 5 days just before we got there so I had no luck on the Middle. However, it is the most beautiful river I have ever fished. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to wet my line.

I didnt hit the Margaree because the salmon were running and its insanely pressured at that time.

A friend of ours also comes from Inverness and her father works for Glenora Distillery. He took me fishing on the stream that flows through the property and is used in the making of the whiskey. I caught an incredible amount of wild brookies there and had an absolute blast. They hit like a pitbull in a poodles body.

Were going again this summer for another two weeks and again the Mrs. says I can fish everyday as long as I go to the beach at least once. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I will once again hit the Middle River, hopefully the Margaree and am bringing the salt line and making sure I use it this year.
That is a great update on your trip

These small streams do hold good amount of brookies.

A great deal indeed

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