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Default Re: Fly Fishing for Chain Pickerel - By Rob Woodruff

Hey Rob, I love fly fishing for Chain pickerel. They aren't only a relative of the pike they are just as crazy and vicious making for so much fly fishing fun.

My first experience with a pickerel on the fly was with a friend who took me fishing for trout in an area that was flooded. I had a little pickerel come flying right out of the water as I was drawing my fly off the water for another cast.

It was just a tiny guy but my first chain pickerel. I had never even seen one before that, but it hooked me on pickerel for the past 25 years or there abouts.

I've had a few times that I didn't get my fingers out of the way fast enough but never got sliced up enough to see a doctor.

I have two fishing buddies I met through my fishing web site a few years ago. One has never done any fly fishing, the other fly fishing for trout and Atlantic salmon.

This coming fishing season they are both going to join me on a few fly fishing trips for chain pickerel and smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth are a blast on the fly as well.

I've got cabin fever here so I'm really looking forward to April 15 when I can finally get my fishing gear out again.

I have two float tubes so I can always take a friend. The action is unbelievable if you've never tried fly fishing right at the water line. The action is just that much more exciting.

I have never been in a kayak, I have a hard time keeping my balance in my canoe.

James Mann
Moncton, New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing New Brunswick

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