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Default Re: I nearly caught a 30 pound rainbow...but, unfortunately I lost it!

Well, I have to admit that 30# story was a bit of a "whopper". I just said it to get your attentions lol.

But, some of the largest fish I've ever seen are here and that's definitely not a lie. My friend just pulled a 8.7 rainbow out of the Bow River couple of days ago. Totally wicked. I've never caught anything that size though but I am definitely gonna try to beat that...Purely for brag'n rights lol. My friend is Canadian and he's making fun of my "American" the battle is on! lol.

I just started fly fishing about 2 years ago but only really been dedicated to it for about the last past year. I was a die hard lure fisherman until I tried fly fishing because of the challenges it presented and because it looked way more fun to catch fish that way. I fell in love with it immediately and since then have started trying to tie my own flies though I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing lol.

I'd love to show you some pictures. I'll post some pictures if you want to see them. Though I'm blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful area, Montana will always have my heart
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