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Default Re: Distance limitations of a slower rod?

Yeah, I've mostly fished with medium-fast rods, and I can cast as far as I need to with those. I used to have an LLBean 4-weight that was a bit slower, and I absolutely loved feeling the rod load, though I can't remember what kind of casting distance I could get with it. The only rod I've ever had issues casting was a super-fast Echo Ion, and my main issue was wind knots and tailing loops as it was a very unforgiving rod. Though, I loved being pretty unaffected by wind and being able to shoot line until there was backing hanging out the tip.

I'm just trying to decide wether the Classic Trout (medium action) would be more versatile than something like a TFO Pro. I mainly want a jack-of-all-trades trout rod, and a 5-weight Redington CT seems like the ticket. I had also thought about getting the faster TFO Pro 5-weight and getting an extra spool loaded with 6-weight line to fish dries with. Does this generally work out? Or does the heavier line screw up presentation?
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