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Default Re: Sleeping bags and dome tents?

Frank nailed everything on the head. I have done a lot of tent camping during my fishing and hunting excursions. I have a expendition type tent (three man which it isn't) that has served me well, it is close to over 12 years old. Unfortuntely, the main zipper gave out. Cons; you can't stand up in it. A little heavy to pack. Pros; handle snow with no problem. Wind doesn't faze it. My dog is a labrador and it sleeps all over the place including myself in the tent.

My second tent is a 10 X 10 Coleman Dome tent that is even older than my little tent. It also has done well. Unfortantely, the zipper is showing signs of giving up the ghost. It has sleeves but the newer models have hangers. Cons; too heavy for packing, you need to stake it down. Pros; I can stand up in it. Large enough for myself, wife and three kids. The dog fits well, too. Unzip every window and have a nice place to sit in.
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