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Default Re: Nymph Presentation

Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
Truthfully, the best way to figure out how much weight you need is to put it on a bit at a time until you're getting hung up, then take some off.
After awhile you'll be able to judge it pretty well, but there's a constant adjustment.
I totally agree with Rip....

A book I read in the past "if you were not snagging moss you weren't nymphing" I totally agree. If you "high stick" nymph with doubles in fast water you want to "SIX Sense" the bottom and when something is different you do a hook set..and the strip set is the best.

Basically I will bounce a tandem rig on the bottom and then remove 1/2 the weight until I quit snagging moss. I totally believe the weight helps not only get the rig to the bottom but it tightens up the line so you can "sense" the take.

my two bits....


PS... I can totally forget time and space when I work a fast current with a nymph rig...
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