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Default Re: Attention Colorado River fishers


I am only guessing, but knowing Colorado's history with water, I would say the reason we have so few W and S rivers is due to water rights. And yes, private property is also an issue. Water from the smaller rivers in Colorado eventually ends up in a few larger ones - the Colorado, the Platte, the Arkansas are some of the biggest. This water travels for thousands of miles and is used over and over. And in Colorado, much of our drinking water comes from reservoirs created by damming up these. But, since we have to release so much water downstream for use, we cannot store it for local use only. Therefore, as more people move into the state, we must create more reservoirs and often complex series of pipelines to meet the new demand. That is why Colorado has such fantastic tailwaters but so few great freestones. It is also why fishing here can be such a challenge. Thousands of anglers fighting for precious few spots on very technical waters to increasingly educated and depleted fish stocks. The impact is pretty severe in some cases.

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