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Default Christmas Isl. Bonefish

Just spoke with Kevin over at Nervous Water. He reports lots of bone fish action on the shallow flats. We're talking 4 inches of water on bright white sand flats for as far as the eye can see. There the fish ranged from 12 to 24 inches in size. (I think that's about 1 to 4 pounds. Thousands and thousands of bone fish.he told me to take my 5 and 6 weight rods if I liked that kind of action. His 8wt with 8 pouns test tippit workde find but he also likes smaller tackle.

On the deeper flats there were bigger bones. Up to 12 pounds, but the light 8 pound test couldn't stop their runs into the deep water and sharp coral.

There were ulua and papio (G.T.... Giant Trevalle) all over the place. Action for the G.T. was especially good at the tide changes ans the current ran past Cook Island at the mough of the lagoon. Kevins largest fish weighed 26 pounds and the largest in his group weighed 48. You devinatly need a 10 to 12 weight fly rod or heavy spinning tackle for those big boys. The papio, that's a G.T. under 10 pounds , were all over the place and hitting any kind of lure or fly.

Just out side the lagoon, the birds were feeding over a huge schoool of 20 pound yellow fin tuna. Again, any lure or fly drew strikes.

Kevin assured me there are still lots of fish and they would even hit those ugly flys that i tye...... I'm going in August, can't wait.

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