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Default Little Red - Arkansas Trip advice please

Greetings to all trout hunters,
Every several years or so, I hook up with my brother and dad and we search out "Gold Medal" trout waters to test our skills and determine who is the FLY MASTER ( which Dad somehow always wins, I honestly think he buys fish and hooks them when we are not looking ) Anyway, We were looking at the Little Red in Ark. this trip aiming for late May. Could anyone give up any good trout fishing experiences on the little Red - best time to go, where to go. Not interested in guide service - more fun roughing it on our own. Will be dragging a 35" camper in 2 - 3 day trip and Dad will need fairly easy access to the Red. Who has the best fish tale?
Thanks for your information to hose who reply
Out For Trout
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