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Default Re: Wading Boot Help Needed

Korkers tend to be on the small size.

I have two pairs one of their older model Wetlands and a newer Streamborn.
Now mind you I got these for wetwading. (Street shoe size.)

Regardless I normally wear a size 8.5 to 9. I order a size 8 and they are a pefect street shoe fit with a pair of 2mm neoprenes. NOT A WADER FIT!

Therefore if I were to get a WADER FIT fit I would be getting a size 9 or 10. Korkers recommends getting at least 1-2 shoes sizes larger than your street shoe. (It's written on the box)

I would go at least 2 sizes larger than your street shoe size. for me that would be a 10.

Hope this helps.
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