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Default Re: A switch outfit for trout?

Oh yaaah baby, got my first two fish in the canyon today. Two bownies, 21" &18". Cant say enough about the rig I got. Got the 7wt Echo switch outfit w/ a Ross CLA#5 reel and Rio switch line and it rocks. After watching the vid by Jeff Putnan a bunch I headed out this morning pretty confenent I could do her and after a bit of practice I had it down and got the 21"er w/ a snake roll and a swing to a spot I would`nt been able to get too SH. Fish put up a real good fight and was a blast to catch on that 7wt...can`t wait till the waters MOVE`IN. I don`t think I`ll have a problem with a 30"er and 7500cfs this year. First chance I get I`m getting a spare spoll and a compact skaget head though. The swich line is great for shallow water and WOW, does it cast good SH but to fish the deep pools I see me needing a sinking line. Thanks to all who got me go`in the right direction!
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