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Default Fishing Pocket Water

Excuse me as this may seem like a very "newbie" question but this site has been very informative. I have been fishing the South Platte river in Colorado lately and it contains a lot of pocket water. After observing and talking with other fly fisherman on the river it seems the fish have mostly been honing in on small RS2's and midge patterns in the 20-22 size range. My question is: Can you fish these small flies effectively in pocket water? The water is so swift moving and turbulent that I just think it would be hard for the fish to see and I am wondering if it would be effective or not. I mostly ask this because I was fishing the same river one day with a size 18 parachute adams when the current flows were very high and fast. After not getting any hits at all I had a conversation with a fellow fisherman on the bank and he suggested I throw a massive PMX fly (around size 8 I think). The fish on this river are known for being super selective so I never thought that they would hit such a huge fly but low and behold I had two bites (no hook ups though) within 30 min. Learned something that day. Anyway, my question is: Are those small 20-22 RS2's and midge patterns too small to fish effectively in turbulent pocket water or do people do this all the time? I would be using a high stick method.
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