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Default Re: Valuable Lesson Learned (i.e. sharpen those hooks!)

I'm sure a lot of the "takes" were the bottom on occasion, but I was missing a lot of takes that were obviously fish (i.e. getting pulled a direction other than backwards). I was using some very cheap hooks I got at the fly shop, so I think it may have been the issue. I am still learning to keep the slack out of the line properly, but I am getting better at the hookset.

The most frustrating thing was setting the hook, feeling a few good head shakes and then losing the fish. It wasn't necessarily just not hooking fish at all, but a lot of times they'd just spit the hook. My wife actually hooked into a really solid fish (saw her rod bend double and the fish flash... looked in the neighborhood of 18-20in), and it spit the hook. The hook didn't seem to penetrate very well on the fish I did catch either. Next time I go out, I'll know for sure if dull hooks was the issue as I plan to get a sharpener.
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