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Default Re: allen trout reel

I'd be more than happy to discuss the phone call and the information we talked about on this forum. It just wasn't an appropriate place to do so. If you'd like I could post a date by date account of the situation. I could post the several times I asked you about the reel being shipped and the times you told me it was.

In our phone call I asked you some questions about developing a product having nothing to do with fly fishing. I asked for your advise and even prefaced my questions by saying I had no expectations of getting and answer and just asked if you'd be willing to give me some advise. You did. I also apologized for coming across the wrong way. Don't try to turn this into me steeling information from your company. I asked some questions about product development and you declined to answer. I said okay, thanks anyways. That was that.

I'd like to know how a $50 of $70 refund is fair. I've still got the paypal invoice that says the amount paid as well as the refund given. You did send me some fly boxes and a line, but I didn't recall that being part of the order and since you told me on 2 different accounts that you didn't remember what the deal was, I don't know how you could count that as part of the order either. What good does a 6wt line do if I don't have a reel to put it on?

I gave you a chance to respond to me on the partial refund issue when I asked
"Josh --- February 9 at 1:30pm
Just so I'm clear should I expect the trout reel at the end of the month or did the $50 refund end this?"

Still no response. At this point you can keep the $20 because it doesn't matter to me.

I know there is a lot of folks out there that have had nothing but good experiences. They rave about your customer service. Which, in my eyes, was great...until I became someone you didn't like. Good customer service isn't about how good you treat your favorite customers. Good customer service is how your treat customer who are unhappy with something. Like promising more than once it was shipped or would ship then not doing it. Promising to issue a refund Feb 7th and actually doing it Feb 9th.

I have nothing to hide here Justin, obviously you feel you don't either. I ordered a reel back in November and I haven't received it. Don't act like I'm the bad guy here. I left all of the private stuff out of the forum post. All I said was:

I ordered a trout 5/7 back in November for my trip to CO in February. It was a facebook special Justin was running.

I still haven't seen my reel, and I'm assuming I wont. He send me a partial refund of $50 of the $70 I paid. Not sure why it was only a partial but at this point I'm sick of arguing.

I hope you have better luck.
Nothing about that post was flase. I gave you a chance over private facebook message to explain the $50 out of $70 refund on February 9th. You never responded.

I did not tell the poster not to buy your product. He asked my first hand experience with the Trout reel. I gave it. If he would have asked my first hand experience with the Alpha reel, I would have had more to talk about. I have that reel and I like it. In fact I'v recommended it to people since this whole debacle.

Now that we've had sufficient thread hijacking, if you want to continue this start a new post. This one belongs to the OP. I'm done with the situation.
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