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Default Waders - Comparing Brands

Hey everyone! I just got my first fly rod and am looking to get some waders. I've read over some posts here already about the topic, but was hoping for some more insight on my specific situation. I plan on fishing in relatively accessible rivers with minor brush (California mountains, home), and might be moving to the Great Lakes or New England area this summer (for school).

I'm young, so I don't have too much money to spend. I could probably afford $250 for waders and $100 for boots (piggybacking on a recent birthday), especially in the light that I won't have to pay that much again next year if I get quality stuff.

I'm comparing two main lines, and am hoping for more than just opinions on which is probably better (I know everyone has their favorite). There are the higher end Orvis waders (either the Silver Label or Sonic Seam) or the low end Simms (the Freestone waders). Everyone says that Simms is the best hands down, but are low end Simms better than mid to high end Orvis?

Thanks in advance for all the advice, I appreciate when others help me learn about things like this rather than just telling me what to buy.
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