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Default Re: Valuable Lesson Learned (i.e. sharpen those hooks!)

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
It might be the one tip that we need to be reminded of most often. Its especially important while nymphing, since the hook point can be repeatedly bouncing off rock.

Also make sure you haven't snapped the hook point completely off! I did that once and finally understood why I suddenly had a 30min fishless streak on an otherwise prolific day.

In addition to their low price, I actually like Mustad hooks for that reason, as you're less likely to cut your thread when you pull it over the hook point. But yes, you do indeed have to remember to sharpen them prior to use.

(and that has nothing at all to do with my tendency to enjoy bourbon while tying )
Yeah, I sometimes need to remind myself to examine my rig. I hooked into a nice fish and lost it (first nice hookup of the day), and then continued to cast. Cast for about ten minutes with the heart pumping, waiting to get another hit and then checked my rig to find out the my dropper got taken by the fish.

I took a closer look at the hooks as I have a few of them still in the package, and they are actually quite sharp (passed the fingernail test). I'm just thinking that an hour of banging against rocks probably dulls the cheap hooks pretty quickly.
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