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Default Re: The Finest Reels you can Ill Afford NOT to buy

Originally Posted by axle27 View Post
Fly Reels Manufacturer exporting direct from China

I'm interested in this. I'm definately more into machined metal than die-cast. I'm looking to get a nice reel that I can have on my 9ft.-5WT St. Croix for years to come. I believe that the link above is to who makes this.
I've been exploring this for a few months now.
The reels you'll find on Alibaba you'll also find the exact same ones from about 100 different chinese exports..

I've gotten price quotes from about 30 of them, so the problem is, many of these dealers on Alibaba are middle men, taking a cut and getting the product...

I found one dealer where the price was the lowest.. around $20-25 per aluminum machined reel. Which to me, still seems high that being said I think finding the actual maker will be next to impossible without taking a trip to China.

I'm willing to organize a buy if some people are interested. We can get a small sample order of possibly 10-15

Here is an idea of pricing BTW you'll see some very nice looking and recognizable reels :-)
Take a look here

fly rod,fly reel,fly box-weis fishing tackle

The FFC and FFW Reels run the highest in pricing around $38-45 bucks a pop. Looks like a very nice reel

The CLF which are the same as what we're talking about here start at $24 and go up to $36 a pop.

If anyone is interested let me know. I'm interested in checking of the FFC'/FFW

I've also got pricing on rods from various manufacturers which I'd also be interested in checking out.
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