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Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
Does anyone have experience with the Sage Fli in a larger weight; 8, 9 or 10 wt.? I'm planning on going to the Yucatan in the late Spring and want to take one each of the above weight rods with me. Since saltwater fishing is going to be only a minor part of the fishing that I do (I fish mostly Trout in small freestone streams), I don't want to spend a bundle on heavier weight rods that will sit around, unused, most of the time. At the same time, I'd rather own these rods at reasonable prices than rent them in Mexico. Any advice?
For starters, you might want to consider taking just 8 & 10 wts. to keep the bundle spent to a reasonable size regardless of what taper you choose, unless you really need 3 rods... the crossover in functionality with all three will offer more redundancy than you're likely to really need.

The FLi in heavier weights is a nice casting rod, but the butt section may present limitations (maybe a bit weak) if you're going to be throwing heavier sinking lines, or hooking up larger, heavier and very torquey (not really a word ) fish. I fished a 9 weight last year with a 350 gr DC full sink for 20#+ stripers and preferred my Xi2 (which I can't cast quite as well) due to the concerns above. For floating and intermediate line applications for lighter, fast running species I believe it would work well. YMMV

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