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Default Re: Vest, chest pack, or hip pack?

I really recommend the Simms Headwaters Chest/Hip convertible pack. I bought it for just under 80, they go as low as 60 though.

I switched from an old vest to this pack for three main reasons. 1- it stores more items then my old vest. 2. It organizes it much better than my old vest. 3. It converts extremely easily from being worn high on the chest in high water wading conditions, to around the waist while walking which is much more comfortable.

that is the pack I got. Its awesome. I chose that over Orvis and the william joseph pack because it is sleeker, and more comfortable to wear. However, that william joseph pack will store the kitchen sink and then some. I don't think you could go wrong with the Simms or the William Joseph, I suggest finding a store that has both, rifling through the features, walk around with them, and then chose.

I think the william joseph is more money though, somewhere around a buck 25
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