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Default Casting Help New Rod

Ok keep in mind I'm new to fly fishing. I bought an 8 wt orvis clearwater II tip flex back at Christmas and lined it with an 8 wt WF line. I can consistently and somewhat accurately sling it 60-75 feet and have started working on my double haul with some success. I feel pretty good about that rod but know I still need practice.
My problem is I bought a temple fork pro series 5 wt and lined it with a 5 wt WF rio gold line. I cant figure out how to cast this setup to save my life. Here's my crude explanation of what's going on.

With the 8 wt I can feel the weight of the line behind me in the back cast and have a feel for when to stop and start the forward cast.

But with the 5 wt it's like it's not heavy enough for me to feel the backcast when it gets to that point. It feels more like I'm throwing a bream buster or cane pole with a mono line with no weight on the end. It's like there's no beef in the back cast and I end up whiffing the forward cast. Any idea what's going on?

I start out with as much line in front of me as I do with the 8 wt. Do I need to be starting with more line out of the rod with the 5 wt since the line is lighter?

Right now when I cast the first 15-20 feet of line lays out pretty straight but the rest bunches up at the end. I can use a double haul and make it better but I don't think I should have to double haul a 5 wt line to get it to go 40 feet.

Anybody have any suggestions?
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