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Originally Posted by sesro1978 View Post

I'm looking to purchase a new rod this spring and need suggestions (realizing of course that the best way to find a good rod is to go and cast a couple). I'm looking to narrow down my choices a bit.

I fish mainly small to mid-size streams/rivers with some overhanging brush. I'm going to be fishing a 5-wt. line (mostly) and am looking for fairly responsive rod. Up until now I was using (lost in a house fire last year) an Orvis Clearwater 8.6' 5-wt but I see they've changed their reel-seats from wood to graphite (a change I'm not all-together, thrilled with).

Any help would be appreciated...

Orvis also changed the tapers and went to a carbon fiber scrim. The new rods are lighter than the older ones. You might want to check out the trout Bum series. They might fit the type of water you're fishing a little better.

But, as you already stated, the only real way to go about rod selection is to cast a few and pick the one you like the best.
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