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Default miramichi River Report

March 25, 2008

Hi everybody My name is Rodney and I am a salmon guide on the Miramichi River in NB, Canada. I sent you along my River Report, I hope someone may find it use full. This is a very good forum you guys have and I look forward to reading the post.

River Report for G.R.Colford & Sons Limited on the Main South West Miramichi River. Most of us are getting very anxious to see the ice start breaking up. But for the moment on the Miramichi we are hit with yet another late winter storm. With already about 5 feet in most places here on the Miramichi, we are awaiting for the first signs of spring with some warm weather or rain to start and get our rivers rising and get the ice moving.

Some of the shores are letting go in some places from the warm sun in the late afternoons. But with the temperatures we are having like today (21st) with the wind chill is down to -11 in the Blackville area and blowing snow. Winds are 19km/h and gust at 31 km/h makes a cold day. Looks like a very late ice out for the spring of 2008 fishing season. They are calling for cold weather for the next week or so.The long range forecast looks to be a warm start to April. My prediction is sometime the week of the 20th for ice out.

Maybe we will get lucky and get the Cains River out for the first week or so? There was a ton of fish that went up the Cains last fall. The lower sections of the Cains are almost as good as the Miramichi in the first week.

Looks like a spring we may need a shovel in the boat for the snow storms!! Or tell lots of stories over a game of crib while getting warm on coffee breaks at the camp.

Until next time, Tight Lines and lets hope for some warmer weather on the Miramichi in the next few days.

Salmon Guide Rodney Colford of GuideNB - Home in New Brunswick Canada.
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