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Default Korkers wading boots...

I tried the search function but couldn't come up with anything other than ebay listings in the classifieds...Anybody have any input/opinions/reviews on the Korkers Chrome (new model) or Metalhead wading boots??

I like the idea that I can change out the soles depending on conditions and I also like the BOA system for lacing up the boots. I've playeed with them a bit in my local fly shop and they look and feel durable. But I haven't tried on a pair yet and walked around in them.

So specifically I'm wanting to know:

If you've had to hike in them to your fishing spot, more than a mile and not on a paved path, how did they feel?? Comfortable?? Heavy?? Stiff??

How do they feel while wading?? Get water logged and heavy??

I've only used felt soles before and since most places are banning it...How is the traction with the standard sole??

Lastly...if you wouldn't recomend either of these two, what would you recomend and why??

Thanks for any info/help you can provide!!

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