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Default Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake

Thanks everyone!

Now it's Day 5 and international community in Tokyo has calmed down a lot.
Nuclear power plant trouble have done more damage in psychology than in physical reality. There have been rumors of "get out of Japan now" spread from French embassy and from guys paniced after watching CNN's coverage ealier. We formed small groups to bust the myth and those who have participated meant great help to keep nation's capital sane.

Japan is always 0.07% of Earth's land mass with 15% of her volcanos.
Japan doesn't have much natural resource and nuclear power is the only
effective solution now (hope there is something better).
So, we've lived with these things all this time. We need little time and hard working people to remedy the situation so that we can get on quick recovery and growth which we are really good at.

Some investors have ditched us, but they are missing the bigger picture.
Construction stocks are top selling and this disaster did not effect the core industrial capacity at all.

US Operation "Tomodachi" (means friendship) is making great success.
US troops are already helping so much on logistics and rescue operation.
My deepest respect go to them, their family, and American tax payers who support them. Again, thank you very much!

BTW, Tsunami hit some of very good salmon/trout/chart waters in Tohoku.
Let's hope we'll be able to go back there in joy soon.
That we should be worried about
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