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Default Re: Fly Fisherman in Japan Earthquake

Measurement for radiation exposure measured by SV (Sievert):

1 SV = 1,000 mili SV = 1,000,000 micro SV

A) It takes 1 SV to cause 5% fatility.
B) 0.1 or 100 mili SV is the allowence for 1 working session of nuclear powerplant workers.
C) Round trip between Tokyo and New York will give you 200 micro SV exposure.
D) Average person is exposed to 2,400 micro SV in one year.
E) CT Scan is 6,900 micro SV

Last night, reading at Tokyo was 0.1 micro SV and at Tochigi, state next of Fukushima, was 0.5 micro SV.

Current status in region near Tokyo is ABSOLUTELY nothing to worry about.
NRC has announced the same about US Pacific coast.

Please tell investors to do the math before they chiken out.
Wall street businessman on regular trips on flight is more exposed to radiation than me fly fishing in mountans of Fukushima
Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club
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